Maybe I just found my Peeta.

I met a guy who is baker and he’s so cute. His name is Lucas. Everytime I go to the bakery he smiles to me, but we don’t talk because he’s too shy. One time he just ran and hid from me, and yesterday I discovered that he did this because he thought he was ugly and I could dislike him. HE’S SO SWEETIE, HE SEEMS TO BE LIKE PEETA. Although he has brown hair and brown eyes (and he isn’t so handsome as Josh), but it doesn’t matter. :3 Oh, and everytime I’m coming home from my English class - and pass trough the bakery - he looks at me AND I JUST CAN’T STOP THINKIN HE’S MY PEETA OK ASDFGHJLÇ~ :’)

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Saturday Apr 4 @ 07:10pm
tagged as: MY PEETA. Peeta. Josh Hutcherson. THG. The Hunger Games. Cake Balls.

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